If you have big things in mind, you also have to be satisfied with small successes. European crypto enthusiasts know this firsthand. In view of skeptical leaders and monetary authorities, an extended pilot test or an approved funding application can often be booked as a victory. Meanwhile, on the other side of the Atlantic, there is a celebration – in Canada, the first Bitcoin ETF has withstood the scrutiny of the regulators.

BerChain wants to establish Berlin as the crypto capital

At the federal level, blockchain technologies are still a side note at the moment. In Berlin, on the other hand, crypto companies are becoming an important economic factor. The metropolis is Germany’s undisputed crypto capital, the heart of the German scene beats here. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, the Berlin Senate has entered into a partnership with the Bitcoin Revolution association . Together they want to lure companies, founders and creative people to the Spree, network the scene and “bring Berlin’s blockchain ecosystem to the next level”.

While in this country, when it comes to crypto adaptation, strategies and explanations are usually sufficient, our neighbors in the south are a little further ahead. For some time now, Switzerland has been doing everything it can to establish itself as a European crypto pioneer. The canton of Zug in particular wants to take the pole position. The region is now underpinning its claim to be the Crypto Valley of Europe with a further advance: From now on it is possible for local citizens to pay their taxes via Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Swedish central bank extends CBDC pilots

Good things take time. The Swedish central bank seems to be taking this popular saying to heart. Together with Accenture, Stockholm has been researching the possibilities of a digital central bank currency (CBDC) for a long time. Now the partners are extending the joint cooperation until 2022. It is currently unclear whether, how and when the already speculated E-Krone will come out. However, the Riksbank is certain that the use of cash in Sweden will continue to decline in the future. You want to be prepared for that.

Bitcoin ETF: Canada celebrates North America premiere

While the applications pile up on the desks of the US securities regulator SEC every year and the regulators‘ thumbs always pointed down, the colleagues in Canada have now given the go-ahead. Investors can now look forward to the early market launch of the first Bitcoin ETF on the North American continent. Observers are already hoping for a domino effect towards the USA.